Kathryn's programs cover a wide variety of topics on enhancing the quality of life of the older adult. In addition, there is her popular memory fitness and successful aging series. Consider attending one of her programs created for

  • Social workers, nurses, nursing home administrators, activity professionals, physicians, discharge planners, hospice programs, nursing assistants

  • Companion services, volunteers, faith communities, visitation programs, family programs, support groups

  • Realtors, EMS, fire and police departments, elder abuse programs

  • Community organizations, women’s health programs, employee assistance programs

  • Corporations, hospital admission departments, customer service departments, lawyers, stock brokers, banking professionals, financial planners

If there is not a presentation in your area, there may be some helpful resources that include links to blogsCABLE TV SHOWpodcasts, webinars and Kathryn's products.





"The real object of education is to have a man in the condition of continually asking questions." Bishop Creighton