Programs available for approval for continuing education credits
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 NOTE: Many of these programs can be modified to meet the needs
of any community organizations, support groups, faith
as well as volunteer or staff training programs.

  • Creating, Expanding and Updating Your Memory Fitness Program
  • Hearing Loss, Aging and Memory
  • When Dementia Comes Home: Enhancing Communication and Connection
  • Alzheimer's disease and Related Dementias: Walking Their Journey.
  • When Older Adult has Dementia: Enhancing Quality of Life by Creating a Person-Centered Approach
  • Young Onset Dementia: Strategies and Resources
  • Functional Communication Assessment for Healthcare Professionals  
  • Home Sweet Home: Easier Said Than Done
  • Home Planning for those with Cognitive Impairment:
              Safety, Resources and Communication Considerations
  • Training for Cognitive Decline Among Healthy Aging Population
  • When an Older Adult is Moving:
               Facilitating the Process Once the Decision Has Been Made
  • Strategies for Caregiver:
                Where to Begin When Stress Leads to Verbal Abuse
  • Older Adults at Risk for Fraud: What You Need To Know
  • Alzheimer’s Disease:  Walking the Journey with a Loved One
  • Telling Our Stories: Ways to Honor Our Journey and Share Our Wisdom
  • Aging Parents: When Should You Step In?
  • Understanding the Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease:
           Modifying Communication Strategies and Activities  
  • Creating a Safe Environment for the Patient with Dementia
  • Coping with Travel, Holidays and Other Special Occasions:
           Tips for Caregivers, their Family and Friends  
  • Challenging Family Dynamics    
  • Helping Older Adults Enhance Communication with Health Care Professionals.
  • Making the Most of a Visit to the Doctor
  • Maximizing Communication and Connection Between the Older Adult and Health Care Professionals
  • Strategies for Handling Difficult Behaviors
  • Aging Parents: Concerns and Critical Conversations
  • Discharge Planning with Caregivers in Mind: From Hospital to Rehab to Home
  • Supporting the Caregiver of a Homebound Patient – Understanding their Needs
  • Time Well Spent - Creating Meaningful Visit Times with Older Adults
  • Communicating with a Memory Impaired Older Adult
  • Supporting Caregivers: What to do when you do not know what to do
  • Successful Aging and Memory Fitness When Hearing is a Concern
  •  Memory Fitness - What You Need to Know
  •  MBA (Memory Building Activities) for Brain Fitness
  •  Caregiver Stress and Its Impact on Memory 
  •  Memory Fitness: Paying Attention Matters 
  •  Swallowing Concerns of the Older Adult
  •  Understanding Aphasia, Apraxia, Dysarthria and Dysphagia
  •  Enhancing Life after Stroke: Maximizing the Quality of Day to Day Interactions
  •  Creating Memory Fitness Programs for Older Adults
  •  Maximizing Your Memory in the Workplace
  •  Humor in the Workplace: How to Lighten up your day!
  •  Successful Aging: The Importance of Positive Lifestyle Choices
  •  The Impact of Multitasking on Your Ability to Remember 
  •   Setting Boundaries - Creating the Life You Want!

    For details on these programs or to create a particular program to meet your needs email 
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    Refer to Kathryn's blogs, and other resources for some of her information on these topics.