Connecting the Generations ($15)

Time Well Spent ($15)

So What Do You Think...
       Talk Talk Talk
  (Cards  $15)

Ideas for a Better Visit
        (2 copies $3)

Sharing Stories ($5 )



NOTE: These products can also be purchased individually.                                                     


Connecting the Generations - Your Stories.... My Stories  

No matter what age, everyone has unique thoughts, opinions, and life experiences to share. Connecting the Generations creates opportunities for people of different generations to share who they are through questions that serve as conversation starters.
WIth families and friends often located across the state or country, times of gathering together on the porch or around the kitchen table to chat happen less often than many would like. Creating special opportunities for communication between young and old can spark a very special energy and a connection between them. The gift of these questions is the sharing, the listening and the honoring of each others' stories. 

Time Well Spent – 400 Ideas Young and Old Can Do Together 

Looking for ideas of things to do when visiting an older adult? This product has fun meaningful activities that inspire communication with conversation starters, things to do, puzzles and ideas that include children. Chapters include things to do for each season and ideas for these areas of interest:  food, hobbies, leisure, entertainment, friends and family.  SAMPLE PAGE   SAMPLE PAGE


So What Do You Think ……Talk Talk Talk  (Cards)

These combinations of 150 thought-provoking and sensitive questions are a fun way to elicit conversations. Great topics for all ages! Each card contains 3 very different questions offering choices.

Keep them handy on a table for when you have visitors. Use it for group activities at a senior center or residential community, at family gatherings, when traveling or as a mealtime conversation starter. Learn more about each other and yourself each time you use the cards.  SAMPLE CARD    
Ideas For a Better Visit (2 copies)

Filled information on topics ranging from what to do on a brief visit to communicating with residents in a nursing home who have communication or hearing difficulties. In addition, it offers conversation starters, gift ideas, and information about visiting with children. It makes an excellent gift for someone who has a loved one being admitted to a long term care facility, for someone volunteers or is taking a job in a setting for older adults. SAMPLE PAGE   SAMPLE PAGE   SAMPLE PAGE


Sharing Stories - Recall..Go Back in Time 

Enjoy sharing one of your memories or listening to someone’s story using the 100 conversation starter words or topics organized in a handy spiral-bound booklet with brightly colored cards. Start anywhere and pick either side of the card and let the reminiscence begin. Keep a set to use as a conversation starter when friends or family visit, take it when you travel, give it to someone who lives in a senior residence, use at family gatherings, give it as a gift or share with someone who works with an older adult. Sharing Stories provides an opportunity to facilitate the communication and connection between residents of a senior community and their friends, family, as well as the staff.