Walking the Path to Memory Fitness – One Week at a Time 


Memory tips for every day of the week along with fun and creative activities for keeping your mind active. Excellent for anyone of any age who wants to maximize their memory, learn tips to take care of some of those memory frustrations and information on healthy aging habits.  BLOG

 This book is for you if you are:

  • any age and want to maximize your memory
  • experiencing several memory frustrations and want to better
    understand what is happening and what you might do
  • a senior citizen focused on practicing healthy aging habits
  • noticing more difficulty with memory when you are stressed or on overload
  • concerned about a loved one’s memory
  • diagnosed with a disease or injury which could affect your memory
  • dealing with early-stage dementia


             WEEKS    1-4        Memory basics

             WEEKS    5-8        Paying attention

             WEEKS   9-12       Attitude

             WEEKS  13-16      Organization

             WEEKS  17-20      Busyness

             WEEKS  21-24      Stress

             WEEKS  25-28      Lifestyle choices

             WEEKS  29-40      Memory strategies

             WEEKS  41-44      Memory and aging

             WEEKS  45-48      Memory aerobics

             WEEKS  49-52      Putting the pieces together



Walking the Path to Memory Fitness One Week at a Time

In 2001 I began a “Minor Memory Frustration Series” at a continuous care community, and that program attracted people of all ages who wanted more information about memory.

Some participants were concerned about their memory, many knew someone who was experiencing significant memory problems, or they were focused on staying fit themselves as they aged and wanted to learn whatever they could about keeping their minds active. 

That led to memory programs for all ages in all types of settings and evolved into memory fitness workout sessions for those who had completed the educational series.

These people of all ages and walks of life became the inspiration for this memory planner. There is no simple answer to memory fitness, but there are many things that can be done which can also contribute to your quality of life and healthy aging. 


  •  Program is set up to provide information for every day of the week for a year.
  • The information is presented one week at a time.
  • Each four-week segment has a theme.
  • On Saturday, there is something for you to do or think about.  If there are word games to be solved, the answers are provided at the end of the 52-week program.
  • Sunday focuses on ways to bring a little more balance into your life.

NOTE: You may want to look ahead earlier in the week and try and set some time aside for the suggestions made for the weekend.

You are encouraged to contemplate the questions being asked. The first step in any kind of change begins with awareness. Looking at some of your patterns might be a great place to start your journey to memory fitness.

You may want to browse through the book before you get started to see what is it is all about – looking over the itinerary, so to speak, of the journey on which you are about to embark.  

Look at the back of the book for the notes sections. This is your workbook, so feel free to mark in it, jot down notes or highlight something you might want to find more easily later on.

At the end of the 52 weeks, you may want to go back and review the areas where you have made progress and decide what your next steps might be.

Maybe you would like to do this program with someone else. Get a copy for a friend and enjoy sharing the information and sharing some of your thoughts and answers to the many questions. Have fun with the program. 

Some of you may belong to a group or an organization and want to introduce it to others. If you live in a senior residence, try starting your day with a memory fitness tip or activity.  Form a memory fitness club and keep sharing, learning, and encouraging each other.   Ask about quantity discounts for groups!!          

 If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams,
 and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined,
he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.


 For additional information about creating
a memory fitness group for a senior center or a senior residence,
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