"The quality, not the longevity, of one's life is what is important."
                                                        Martin Luther King, Jr.

What if you needed to be in the care of another person?
                                             Have you shared your wishes?
                  Do others who may be caring for you know your preferences?


            Many people have created their advance care directive but have not stated
             what matters in their day to day routine. Whether you are being cared for
                 in your home, in an assisted living or a nursing home, or perhaps a
                    hospice care center, your quality of life can be enhanced when
                caregivers have the information to create a person-directed care plan.

Geriatric Life Enhancement 

How to create an environment that supports person-directed care  DETAILS

Lifestyle Care Plan

Create your own plan to assist others in your care choices
Vital Health Record

Provide basic medical information to care providers