"Memory Matters" for ALL Ages

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Topics include multitasking, mild cognitive impairment, dementia, caregiver support and more

"Minds are like parachutes - they only function when open." Thomas Dewar 

Memory fitness is on the minds of all of us at some time. Kathryn has created a series of programs and products to enhance memory fitness of all ages. She not only provides a holistic approach but addresses the impact that stress, mutlitasking and normal aging have on a person's ability to remember.


In 2012 Kathryn introduced a weekly memory fitness matters blog for tips that will help you shift the way you look at remembering. Change begins with awareness. We cannot change what we do not see.You will also find something to focus on that week which will be helpful to your memory fitness.

KEYS TO MEMORY FITNESS: These are the areas we must focus on if we want to maximize our ability to remember. ARTICLE AND SAMPLE BRAIN GAMES

PRODUCTS: Kathryn has a series of products including her popular Walking the Path to Memory Fitness One Week at a Time. This product is the basis of her popular series on Memory Fitness Matters: What You Need To Know, which she presents regularly to audiences of all ages. Blogs on memory fitness products and a wide selection of brain teasers.

PROGRAMS: Wide variety of topics related to memory fitness and successful aging.

COACHING: Kathryn offers individualized memory coaching with a personalized plan and ongoing support to help people of all ages make some of the necessary changes based on your strengths and lifestyle choices. With her 40 years of experience as a speech-language working with older adults with memory problems, she brings a level of expertise that can help to create an individualized program specific to your situation and interests.

If you  are unable to attend one of her programs, here are several webinars, online courses and  podcasts that can provide some of the information she likes to share on the topics of memory fitness as well as successful aging. Products for MEMORY FITNESS PROGRAMS