“Information is the seed for an idea, and only grows when it's watered.”
 Heinz V. Bergen


Families, friends, caregivers: Would you like some information on the concerns you might be having about the changes with an older adult? Would it be helpful to have more information for a family meeting specific to your situation? Do you see the need to change how you communicate but are not sure what works best in your situation?  Has the older adult lost interest in activities which are too challenging? Are you looking for products to enhance communication and connection? 

These are just a few of the areas where a private consultation might be helpful:  

  •  Aging parents: Understanding when to step in
  •  Aging parents: Maximizing their safety 
  •  How to handle those difficult conversations with older adults 
  •  Communication strategies for difficulties with hearing, vision, speech and/or memory 
  •  Activity modification: Strategies to help engage a person with cognitive deficits
  •  Person directed care: How to create a lifestyle care plan
  •  When a Loved One has Dementia: Walking their journey

Staff: When creating a Life Care Enhancement approach, bringing all of the staff together to support this philosophy maximizes the potential to impact the culture of your setting.

           Administrators and support staff 
           Creating a Life Care Enhancement approach        

           Nursing aides 
           Coaching for communication problems and swallowing problems
Activity professional
           How to create meaningful activities at the older adult’s level of functioning 

           Engaging support staff, volunteers and families in activities 

           How to use a Lifestyle Care Plan to engage families in activity participation 

           Creating a memory fitness club

                                            RESOURCES FOR  MEMORY FITNESS PROGRAMS


           Brainstorming on how to maximize visitation 

           Strategies to handle challenging situations 

Marketing and admissions

          How to create programs to attract baby boomers and active seniors


Hospice Programs:    

          Communication Matters: How to facilitate communication when there are changes
          in hearing, vision, speech and memory

Memory Enhancement:

           Create a personalized memory fitness plan to meet your specific memory concerns including a 7
           day memory fitness plan. video overview

           Strategies to upgrade your current memory fitness plan

           Keeping a person with hearing, vision, speech and/or memory problems mentally
           active at their level of functioning: A personalized plan
Rehabilitation Department: Support Groups 

          Enhancing life after stroke: Preparing families when a loved one goes home

Corporations: Employee assistance consultant on eldercare concerns  

          How to handle the memory loss that can be associated with caregiver stress 

          Caregiver stress and its impact on memory - Strategies for forgetfulness and

          Customer service training: Communicating effectively with older adults 

          Effective strategies to handle multitasking in the workplace 




            For additional information or details on

              creating a plan specific to your needs,

                                   please contact

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